• What's brewing?

    Powerful turn-key brewery automation solution designed for reliability

  • Smart brewery control system

    Produce more beer without adding staff, machinery or raw materials

    brewery automation consultation bundle

    STEP 1

    Free consultation bundle

    We will fully assess your brewery & look for opportunities to better control your operation

    brewery controls project design

    STEP 2

    System project design

    Our Engineers go to work to provide the design and installation planning for a successful project

    modern automation system

    STEP 3

    Modern automation system

    Quality and energy savings are all possible by integration of smart automation technology

  • Produce more barrels of high-quality beer, while lowering costs & reducing inefficiencies

  • Functionality of large breweries, fraction of cost & complexity

    Benefits of automating your operation under integrated aXBrew system

    Improve productivity of your brewery with automation solution

    Improved Productivity

    & Reduced Costs

    aXBrew can help you significantly increase barrel count without adding new staff or equipment. By increasing precision and efficiency, breweries can achieve a marked improvement in productivity while reducing costs through resource wastage.

    Improve quality of your craft beer with our novel DCS control system

    Improved Quality

    & Consistency

    aXBrew enables higher brew quality and consistency through the automation of labor-intensive manual tasks. aXBrew solves this problem by integrating the automation of your entire plant under one system.

    Increase flexibility of your brewery

    Increased Flexibility

    & Recipe Experimentation

    As a craft brewery, creative experimentation is your passion and unique advantage over the big breweries. At aXBrew, we believe that automation does not have to mean less flexibility.

    Monitor your brewery remotely

    Remote Monitoring

    & Visibility

    aXBrew is easily customizable & has a user-friendly software interface that gives the operator complete visibility into every aspect of the operations, from brewhouse to cellar.

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