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automationX Brew: A One-Stop Automation Partnership

When searching for a new automation solution, craft breweries usually have two main options: they can either approach a vendor, or a consultancy. Each of these options has its pros and cons, but in our opinion, neither is ideal for the typical brewery.

Vendors vs. Consultancies

Sourcing directly from a vendor gives you the assurance of a provider with in-depth product expertise. Not only will this aid you in the purchase process, but it also ensures knowledgeable technical support once the system is up and running.


The downside is that most vendor support options are very expensive. Often, they are seen as “add-ons” to the product, that should be upsold to the customer for high margins. In addition, since vendors are product-oriented companies, their support services can be quite narrow in their expertise, focusing only on areas directly related to their own solutions.


In contrast, sourcing from a consultancy will give you access to a wide variety of engineering disciplines under one roof. Also, since consultancies specialize only in services, their more efficient cost structure can result in lower support fees.


However, many consultancies tend to lack in-depth knowledge on specific automation solutions. In addition, few major consultancies have deep expertise in systems engineering, and are weak at understanding automation platforms at an integrated level.


Because of these drawbacks, neither vendors nor consultancies are an ideal solution for the typical brewery. The truth is that most vendors and consultancies target their offerings at large corporations, who have the in-house expertise and resources to compensate for their provider’s weak spots. In contrast, most breweries are looking for a one-stop-shop that can offer all of the above.


automationX Brew’s Unique Partnership Model

At aX Brew, we have designed a unique business model that allows us to be both a vendor and consultancy.


Like a vendor, we are focused on one system, which allows us to have deep product knowledge. But because we are specialists in brewery automation, we are also able to offer the wide engineering expertise of a consultancy, while maintaining affordable fees.


Furthermore, our business model is based on partnerships, not transactions.


When you sign on with aX Brew, you do not pay a large upfront installation fee, but instead pay a monthly subscription fee over the lifetime of your contract with us. This fee includes ongoing maintenance and support of your installed system.


While most companies make their money when they land the sale, our money is made over the lifetime of the relationship. This ensures that we think like partners, not salespeople.

Simply put, when we sign a contract with you, we are taking on the upfront risk of a new installation, as well as the ongoing risk of maintaining the system. As a result, we are incentivized to maximize our solution’s long-term effectiveness, not to “draw a line in the sand” as a vendor or consultancy.


We believe that this model is much better at aligning our interests with yours, and that it is the best arrangement available for craft brewery automation today.

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