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How is aXBrew Different From Other Automation Solutions?

aXBrew has been designed with the unique needs of craft breweries in mind.

While there is no shortage of generic automation systems available, many of them do not effectively address the specific requirements of craft brewery operations. Most of these one-size-fits-all solutions have been engineered for large industrial manufacturing operations, and require the full-time attention of an in-house technical support team.

For most craft breweries, such solutions are too complex and expensive. More importantly, if anything goes wrong with those systems, and you don’t have specialized engineers on staff, you’re looking at a long wait and hefty repair bill from your vendor.

aXBrew sets itself apart by offering a simple, affordable solution that includes tailored service and support.

Here’s what makes aX Brew different:


It’s simple, yet powerful. 

Unlike many basic systems, aX Brew is a fully integrated solution, able to automate your entire process, from brewhouse to cellar. Unlike many complex systems, it does not require 8-10 pieces of specialized hardware to function – two standard, off-the-shelf servers will do.


It’s server-based. 

Many automation systems are based on proprietary hardware. So every time you want to upgrade your system, you have to buy and install an entirely new set of hardware – an unacceptable cost and inconvenience for rapidly growing breweries. In contrast, automationX is a server-based solution which uses standardized hardware, meaning that many changes can be pushed out through simple software updates.


It’s affordable. 

Because of aX Brew’s unique design, we are able to offer the complete solution for a single, low monthly fee. We will help you manage the transition so you are free to focus on running your business. In other words, you get to start enjoying the benefits of increased productivity now while paying us later – which is great for cash flow.


It’s an all-in-one, turnkey solution. 

Most automation companies are either vendors or consultancies, meaning you have to choose between a good product or good service. Getting both usually costs extra. With aX Brew, you get both for a single affordable fee. You pay us on a monthly subscription basis, which includes all product updates, consulting and maintenance services.


It comes with responsive, personalized service. 

We’re a lean operation that believes in the productivity of small teams. If you ever have a problem, pick up the phone and call us, and we will be able to respond to your problem quickly and professionally. No waiting for weeks for your enquiry to make its way through a bloated corporate bureaucracy.

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