• Brewery Automation

    The future of brewing is here. One stop solution for your brewery Automation Solution!

  • aXBrew brewery automation solution

    aXBrew is a scalable, modular distributed control system (DCS) that allows you to automate, monitor and control your entire production process, from brewhouse to cellar. As a DCS, aX-Brew integrates your entire facility under one system, and allows for centralized visibility and control through a single, user-friendly and fully customizable interface.

    aXBrew utilizes the automationX-5 technology to provide a reliable automation solution for breweries. By integrating the entire facility under one system, it enables centralized visibility & control through a fully customizable interface.

  • aX Software

    aX-Brew Software is a state of the art solution designed to mimic the requirements of your brewery. The software provides easy to modify human machine interface (HMI) ideal for the dynamic environment of a brewery.

  • aX Hardware

    aX-Brew installation process is much more seamless than competing solutions, due to a unique combination of features. Firstly, aX-Brew is easily scalable. While many other vendors have systems that require a minimum of 8-10 servers to function properly, aX-Brew can operate with just two standard, off-the-shelf servers, greatly simplifying operations for small breweries.

    DCS server for brewery automation

    aX Server

    The heart of the automation system providing real-time control for the plant processes

    aX Network for Brewery Automation

    aX Network

    Communication handler between the aX Server, aX Client and the field instrumentation

    Client stations and operating stations of brewery automation and controls system

    aX Clients

    Stations designed to be seamlessly used by operators with controlled access for each devision

  • The new age of industrial automation

    Soft PLC • HMI • SCADA • DCS

    Complete control

    Take full control of your operation by integrating a smart automation solution with your brewery. aX-Brew allows you to monitor and control analog & digital instruments in a continuous or batch process.

    Seamless integration

    Add aX-Brew to your new or existing plant without the need for any interface hardware or software. Our novel technology allows aX-Brew to operate with minimal hardware requirement.

    Affordable pricing

    Start your membership at $0 upfront cost. Our customers are part of our company and aX-Brew is a community. Our pricing model makes automation affordable for every brewery.

  • Reap the benefits of modern automation

    Take a glimpse of what aX-Brew can do for your operation

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